Project Date: February 2014
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
Can not say enough good things about Riley Kitchen and Bath. Highest professionalization with all of their employees. Great design services! I would hire them again for any of my kitchen or bath design projects.
Project Date: May 2014
Project Price: $10,000-$49,999
My wife and I have hired Riley Kitchen and Bath Co. for our project in our personal home and in renovating the kitchen and bathrooms at our real estate brokerage firm also. The team at Riley’s is excellent to work with. They have an impressive showroom (the best I have seen in the region), they are very knowledgeable about all the product lines they carry and are very responsive in communicating. In addition, they inspect all the product they receive to be sure it’s perfect before shipping to the project work site. It’s also important to note that this business has been in operation for a long time and is reliable and dependable. We highly recommend this company and find them to be true professionals. (Gary & Jennifer Mello, The Mello Group, Seekonk MA)
Project Date: June 2012
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
We had the pleasure to have Riley Kitchen and Bath Co. install a great and magnificent Kitchen and 3 bath cabinets for our new house we were building. Can’t explain how happy and satisfied we were with their quality products and professional design and installation. Lisa and Mike are great people to work with. They made several visits to make the necessary measurement and to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. The Kitchen is the most expensive part when building a house so you better make sure you let someone professional like the people at Riley do the work for you. You will be glad you did.
Project Date: April 2012
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
After interviewing and visiting various Kitchen and Bath design-built companies in Rhode Island during the process of building our new house, we decided to go with Riley Kitchen Kitchen and Bath Co. We made the best decision. The result: Riley Kitchen helped us put together our dream Kitchen and Master Bath.
From the design planning process of both spaces to the efficient completion of the projects, the process was smooth and stress-free. Lisa, their talented and knowledgeable designer, was always professional and eager to provide suggestions and solutions to turn our ideas into reality. Lisa closely followed our desired design style and helped us visualize the exquisite Kitchen and Master Bath we have today from the empty spaces they once were. The staff at Riley Kitchen is very personable, a unique quality we did not find among the other Kitchen and Bath design/built companies in the area, and one that made us decide for Riley Kitchen. Other companies pressured us to commit by paying them a fee before we actually can see a design, but Riley Kitchen did not. That gave us the impression of a company that believes in its quality and that does not need “to tie up” potential customers in order to get them. At the end, Riley Kitchen more than met our lofty expectations, and we are thankful.
Project Date: October 2011
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
We had a kitchen remodel, everything went smoothly from gut to installation. It was not an easy installation due to unconventional cupboard placements but everything was measured perfectly and went well. The contractor that Riley’s used was expert and professional as were the subcontractors.We have also ordered bathroom cabinets for 2 different bathrooms and everything turned out well there as well.
Relationship: Colleague
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
Over the years we have worked with several kitchen/bath firms. Riley Kitchen and Bath is by far the best when it comes to service and quality products. From cabinetry, to countertops, to insightful design layouts… Riley Kitchen and Bath is the first name we offer when a client is looking to improve their home’s interior.Thanks!
DJ & Dan Cordeiro
Cordeiro’s Construction, Inc.
General Contractor
Bristol, RI
Project Date: February 2012
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
We recently had the pleasure of visiting Riley Kitchen and Bath in Bristol RI. The showroom was very complete and well laid out. All of our questions and concerns were completely answered. Lisa was very informative and had a great deal of experience and knowledge about kitchen cabinets. As a result, we decided to get our cabinets through them. They also guided us to some real nice granite counter tops. We were completely satisfied with all the service including the delivery and follow up hinges that were under life time warranty. And the best part was, their prices were the best around.
Project Date: January 2013
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
I am in the construction/property management business. We completed a renovation at our summer home in RI and used Riley’s for our kitchen and bathroom. Lisa was both helpful and creative in designing our finished product. Our project was on an Island and logistically a challenge. Riley’s met all our expectations with schedule and customer service. I highly recommend and rate them 5 stars 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)Dick/Jan/Barney
Project Date: June 2013
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
Riley Kitchen and Bath Co. in Bristol, Rhode Island helped to create a wonderful kitchen and 2 bathrooms for my family’s seasonal home on the water. Although the home is small, Lisa was able to come up with many good solutions for storage and display. She was a good communicator and understood what our needs were. Pricing was competitive, and the showroom offered many nice options from which to select cabinetry, hardware and countertops.
Project Date: September 2013
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
I am writing this review because I had such a great experience working with Riley Kitchen in Bristol, RI, I feel the need to get the good word out. In January 2013, my wife and I decided to redo our kitchen. We have never done a remodel before so we were a little lost as to how to begin. We first attended a home show and had one of the large fancy shmantzy companies come out to our home, they initially quoted $35,000 which was what we had expected, however, after they presented their final proposal they came in at $75,000, my wife and I were shocked. Our kitchen is not very big, actually it is 12 by 16 and the remodel did not include appliances. My wife and I then drove to one of the large chain home improvement stores and literally over a 4 month period of time the design person could not pull together a design. This was aggravating and I simply complained to management about this and they pleaded with me to give the design person a little longer and besides they would guarantee the work etc etc. When the final proposal was made the cost estimate was right where I wanted it at $30,000, this got me excited, but then I did research on the actual cabinet that was being recommended and I was horrified by what I read. The big chain home improvement store recommended a particle board cabinet that would have fallen apart in less than 10 years.Frustrated, and at wit’s end, I finally asked a friend for some guidance. He lives in a high end waterfront home and he had just redone his kitchen. I may have been a little embarrassed asking him for a referral because money is not an issue for him but unfortunately it is for me. In any event he referred me and my wife to Riley Kitchen in Bristol, RI. Right from the get go, working with Lisa Riley was an absolute pleasure. She came out to our home in May 2013 and measured with 100% precision. Lisa had a proposal and a design and cost estimate within a few days. I have very tricky spaces in my kitchen and Lisa Riley was able to come up with some ingenious ideas. Lisa had to use some custom cabinets for the tricky spaces but for the most part standard size cabinets were used everywhere else. Lisa helped with the style and the color and just about every design aspect. My wife and I used an all wood cabinet of a high quality which was just a little more in price compared to the crappy particle board cabinet recommended by the home improvement store. Not only did we buy our cabinets from Riley Kitchen but we also bought our granite countertops and our sink from them. My wife and I ordered our cabinets in June 2013 and they arrived exactly by the due date. Riley took possession of the cabinets and stored them at their place of business until our contractor was able to start the job. Our contractor started demolition at the end of August 2013, once the kitchen was prepared for installation, my contractor contacted Mike Riley who delivered the cabinets within 2 hours. All in all this was as easy as you could get. Our kitchen was completed in the end of September 2013 and we are just thrilled with how everything turned out. We had one small issue with a spice rack and Lisa Riley had this corrected in a couple of weeks and an issue with one of the granite countertops that Lisa also had corrected well beyond our expectations. The total cost of all cabinets, granite countertops, sink and installation of entire kitchen approx $30,000. This project came within budget, but yet surpassed our wildest dreams and expectations. We are so happy and thrilled to recommend Riley Kitchen of Bristol, RI.
Project Date: April 2013
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
Riley’s Kitchen and Bath Co. stepped up to help design our kitchen in the house we were building. After the experience we had with the previous company Riley’s came highly recommended and made the experience what it should have been. We met with Lisa and in the first night she was able to see the vision we had for kitchen and baths. Within days she had the designs ready and she came out to measure the space. Within a week we signed a contract with them because we were so satisfied with their professionalism and design. Lisa was very conscious of our budget and managed to add in all the details we were hoping for. Once the kitchen and baths were installed we were blown away with the quality and professionalism of the Riley’s. We highly recommend them for any kitchen and bath design you may need.
Project Date: August 2010
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
We used Riley Kitchens for our new construction retirement home. Although we hear horror stories about building a new home this was not our experience. One of the key reasons was Riley Kitchens. Mike did a great job of educating us on kitchen design and showing us the things we should consider and all options available. Mike then worked directly with our appliance supplier to get all the information he needed to precisely determine the size of all cabinets. In fact, Mike’s attention to detail was fantastic. He then worked closely with our builder to ensure the kitchen was finished as designed. One cabinet had a very minor defect and he arranged a replacement before we knew about it. We were so pleased with Riley Kitchens that we had him also supply all the cabinets and tops for our three and a half bathrooms. When we show our home to others we always recommend Riley Kitchens because they were a major part in our home looking as it does. I recommend them without any reservations!!
Project Date: May 2008
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
Riley designed and provided kitchen cabinets and counter tops for our newly constructed home. Their design was functional and the cabinets are well constructed and beautiful. We also purchased bathroom vanities and tops from Riley. We have been living in our new home for six years and the cabinets look as good as the day installed. We had also worked with another kitchen and bath company but chose Riley because of their expertise, professionalism and quality of their product.


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