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About Riley Kitchen & Bath Co.

Riley Kitchen and Bath Co. was started in 2003 by Michael Riley. It is an independently owned company established in Bristol, RI. The key to our success has been to make every kitchen and bath project personal. At Riley Kitchen & Bath Co. we take the time to understand the customer’s needs and implement them into each design. We make it easy to go through the design process and help you make all the decisions needed in order to have a successful kitchen or bathroom completed.

Michael D. Riley

President / Kitchen Designer

Michael started Riley Kitchen and Bath Co. in 2003. He uses his 20+ years’ experience in the kitchen design industry to meet and exceed his customers’ expectations. His attention to detail & quality standards are the true craftsmanship of his design work. He has a passion for space planning and he applies his kitchen and spacial planning experience to each and every customer project. Whether your project is large or small you can rest assured your space will be handled with the utmost detail and care.

“If you handle the responsibility given with the respect it deserves, the outcome will be no different than expected” ~ Mike Riley

Lisa V. Riley

Interior Designer / Kitchen Designer

Lisa has an Associate degree in interior design that is integrated into her desire to create a unique and inviting space for each customer.  Having 14+ years in the kitchen and bath industry is what has given her the reputation of creating designs that combine the customers’ needs into their personal space.  Exceptional customer service skills translates into exceptional spaces and this is what makes each project outstanding.  Lisa’s eye for detail is what sets her designs apart and brings the customers dreams into reality.

Norman E. Soares

Kitchen & Bath Designer

Norman enjoys designing and interacting with clients. With 20+ years of experience, he applies a diverse range of skills to all his design applications to maximize client expectations and meet their needs. Being detail oriented has served him well and helped maintain an even flow of trouble-free business. He has direct experience with high profile developers and their clients as well as remodeling contractors and home owners.

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